Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference (24-26 June 2019)

Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference (24-26 June 2019)

June 24th-26th 2019

The 19th Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference, annual meeting of NEPS (Network of European Peace Scientists), will take place at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. Mansoob Murshed will be the local host of the conference and the NEPS Lecture will be given by Jean Paul Azam (University of Toulouse).

In conjunction with Tinbergen Today on June 24th to 26th the ISS will host the 19th Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference, also known as the Network of European Peace Science (NEPS) conference. It is fitting that this year’s NEPS conference which will witness the presentation of nearly a hundred papers in quantitative conflict studies is held at the ISS, at the Hague, the home town of one of the pioneers of the economics of conflict, who was also one of the ardent and distinguished champions of disarmament and development assistance.


Public events: 

1. On June 24th at 6pm as a part of the Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference (organised by NEPS and the International Institute of Social Studies ISS) there will be an open session between peace scholars and civil society representatives on the crucial relationship between academia, civil society and policy-makers. In particular the question is how research agencies, NGOs and political institutions are able to cooperate and to be better interlinked. In fact, this is particularly urgent for global governance and peacebuilding which nowadays appear to be lost from the agenda of political leaders worldwide. Guest speakers for the panel include: Steve Killelea, founder and executive chairman of the Institute for Economics and Peace which is responsible for developing and maintain the Global Peace Index and Junaid Qureshi director of the European Foundation of South Asian Studies. Arzu Kibris and Raul Caruso of NEPS and Prof. Mansoob Murshed of ISS will also be discussants on this crucial topic.

This event will be procedded by a lecture inspired by the work of Jan Tinbergen present by Prof. Mansoob Murshed which will start at 17:30.

2. On June 25th at 17:30 The NEPS Lecture by Prof. Jean Paul Azam ” Let’s Call their Bluff: The Politics of Econometric Methodology”  emphasizes that carefully performed  empirical analyses can uncover some policymakers’ deep motivations  that they are not very proud of. In particular, this is illustrated by reporting some  findings showing convincingly that some local governments in India  provoke peasants’ insurgencies for mining purposes while claiming to fight the Maoist ideology.

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